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Our Mission

The telehealth field has grown exponentially in the last decade, and Orbis Telemedicine has been at the forefront of the field every step of the way.

At Orbis, our goals are to find innovative solutions to healthcare challenges while still providing exceptional quality patient care.

By creating a network of physicians on call 24/7 using the most advanced telemedicine platforms, we can provide permanent staffing solutions, night call relief, physician stop-gap measures, and help reinforce any healthcare facility’s backbone.

Orbis Telemedicine At A Glance

In 2009 Dr. Chen and Dr. Gjeci met in medical school and, after graduating, embarked on their mutual goal of reaching those most in need. With the expansion of technology in healthcare, their plan was more feasible than ever. Telemedicine can help facilities reduce costs, retain patients, and increase productivity while providing the same high standard of care that you would get with a physician present in the facility.


Helping expand physician access to as many patients as possible makes it all the more rewarding. Most of their clients are in the early stages of upgrading their facilities to include telemedicine. Orbis Telemedicine provides those who do not have the infrastructure in place several options, including grant proposal assistance, funding procurement, and a myriad of equipment options that best fit their facility and patient population.

Meet Our Team

Si Chen

Dr. Chen has 10 years experience as a Hospitalist and clinician. Using telehealth to provide acces to care has always been a passion of his. He is dedicated to delivering the greatest possible experience for our customers and patients.

Spartak Gjeci

Spartak Gjeci has an extensive background in medicine and finance. His experience has been a key driver in promoting our growth and excellence. As our CFO, he will directly support your facilities transition to telemedicine.

Robert Smith

Robert Smith has 20 years of experience in computer engineering and research. He has been instrumental in gathering data and scouring available technologies that best aid the success of Orbis Telemedicine.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients at a distance using available telecommunications technologies. Over the past 20 years, providing access to care has gone through a striking expansion, and we are excited to be a part of this rapid growth. With Telemedicine, we will be able to solve some of the biggest challenges that face healthcare today.


Experienced Doctors

Our physicians are board certified and experienced in both inpatient and outpatient medical management. 


On Call 24/7

We have a variety of Board Certified physicians on clla 24/7 who are ready to provide your facility with quality healthcare access. 


Telemedicine Support

Our team of technical support staff is ready to assist with any and all issues that may arise in the course of providing patient care.

Your Access To Care Is Our Mission

24/7 service by Board Certified physicians.

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